Host Your Event at Icarus!

Host Your Event at Icarus!

Want to host your event at Icarus? Fill out the form below and let us know the date, times and type of event you’d like to host in our taproom. We’d be happy to answer your questions and get your event started.

Event Information:

Event FAQ

Can We Bring in Our Group of 15 or 27 or 344 people and platters of food and just not schedule an event?

No. We reserve the right to turn down any large group over 10 people and/or catered food as space is both limited in our Tasting Room and it makes it a lot tougher on our Tasting Room staff to help an unannounced party. We have zero problem with outside food for standard guests as long as it is within reasonable limitations (No large platters, Sternos, Hibachi Stations, etc.)

What about Tour Buses?

At this time we allow Tour Buses as long as they are pre-arranged (Email [email protected] ), but only within 3 Hours of Opening (Until 3 Pm Saturday / Sunday). If anyone in the Group appears to be intoxicated we will refuse to serve the entire group and ask that you skip us as a stop and visit us on another day instead.

Can we Choose our Own Catering Company?

Yes, you can work with any catering company of your choice as long as the food is coming from a Licensed Food Vendor, we can also recommend Caterers that typically work with us.

Does the Brewery Play Music?

We have a sound system with AUX connection, we can either hook up your play-list or spin one of our own.

Can we Serve Liquor or Wine at the Brewery?

Unfortunately, no this is expressly forbidden.

Can we Decorate?

You are more than welcome to setup decorations for private events, just no confetti, glitter, or balloons.

How Can We Pay for this Amazing party?

We accept Cash, Credit Card, and Checks