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Icarus Brewing is Lakewood, NJ’s first microbrewery. We pride ourselves on our local flavor and fresh, hand-crafted ales and lagers.

Head Brewer


Jason Goldstein

Jason has wanted to own and operate his own brewery since 2008.  In order to turn his dream into a reality, Jason earned his degree in Food Science, specializing in Food Fermentation from The Ohio State University.  He then took this further training in Brewlab at the University of Sunderland, training under staff from Heineken and Newcastle, and earning his Diploma in British Brewing Technology.  In addition to this academic training, Jason learned from multiple breweries across Sunderland and Newcastle, learning the intricacies of multiple brewing operations and greatly expanding his practical brewing knowledge.  Jason supplemented his training with a General Certification of brewing in cask ale from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

Subsequently, Jason spent 2 years managing Rinn Duin, a 25 BBL startup brewery in New Jersey.  During his time at Rinn Duin Jason earned awards for multiple recipes he formulated and produced including awards from New Jersey Star Ledger, and recognition from Beer Advocate.

Most recently, Jason was the Distiller and Head Brewer at Van Brunt Stillhouse in Red Hook, NY.   He plans on using the knowledge gained from creating whiskies, rum, and grappa toward a large rotation of barreled beers.


Shane Gertner Salesman Icarus

Sales & Marketing


Shane Gertner

Born and raised right here in Lakewood, NJ, Shane traveled all across the world adventuring and ended up stumbling right into the Icarus family right in his backyard of Lakewood. A graduate of Rutgers University, Shane has a Fine Arts degree and a background in retail sales and working behind the bar.

Through his diversified experiences, Shane is looking forward to taking flight with Icarus as we rise together to all new heights.

We Brew With Passion

We’re brewers not just because we love to brew beer, but because we love to enjoy beer, ensuring a vigorous passion through the entire process.

Great Environment

An immersive Tasting Room bringing you right into the action, engaging each and every one of our patrons with a full Brewery experience.

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