Becoming the Brewery

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Where we Are: Chasing Dreams Brewing

In our last 7 months we’ve brewed 41 different Beers (Averaging 1.5 per week… not bad), and offered an absurd amount of varieties through the ever changing Randall in the tasting room (How else would we offer Jons Birthday Suit: Black Mass thru Raspberries, Cherries, Cacao, Vanilla, Anise, and Sprinkles) or Joes most recent creation: Cool Summer Nights (Heatwaver Session Saison thru Cucumbers and Lemons)

Icarus Brewing Randall

Heatwaver Session Saison thru Cucumbers and Lemons. Unbelievably refreshing.

When we first opened we set out to do something ambitious and put out massive amounts of variety, the styles that typically do not receive nearly enough love from most Breweries.  We figured this ambitious project would take years to acclimate everyone to our eccentric love for beer (Smoked Pilsners, Habanero Pale Ales, Blueberry Mojito IPAs, etc.), but we quickly realized every single person who ordered a flight in the tasting room or a pint at a bar was our biggest source of inspiration.  This intense love has allowed us to consistently pump out the ever changing taplist you’ve come to expect.

Where we’re going: Big Things Brewing

We can finally happily announce that we are growing.  We have two new tanks on their way (30 BBL Fermenter, 30 BBL Bright Tank) which should arrive mid November.  The addition of these two tanks will increase our capacity from 60 BBLs in Fermentation to 90 BBLs in Fermentation (50% increase).  The additional Fermenter/Bright Tank allows us to Can far more often as well as increase our number of varieties offered freeing up our flagship beers (Panic/Yacht Juice) for larger scale production.

Before Brewing you need a brewhouse

#tbt to when we first stood up the tanks, also flash forward to what we’re going to have to do again.

Upcoming Brews:

Chili Squash Porter with NJCB for Central Jersey Beer Fest.  Using Mikes (President of NJCB) trademarked Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup as a way to push this Porter over the top with added Chiles/Chipotles.

Russian Imperial Stout w/ Local Coffee – Big and Dangerous, just how we like it.  With cold brew from a local Ocean County Roaster (yet to be named).

Not a Schooner.  Bringing back our favorite Pilot yet, a variant of Yacht Juice fermented with Brux Trois yeast leaving a tart yet dry Pineapple finish to an already great beer.

We Want the Gold DDH w/ Galaxy – Taking our Existing We Want The Gold utilizing our Magical Leprechaun Flute, and fine tuning the malts for a bigger body, and doubling down with Double the El Dorado and far too much Galaxy for our own Good.

Upcoming on Draft:

Kiwi Habanero Pale Ale: One-off on our Pineapple Hindenburg switching out Pineapple for Fresh Kiwi.

Weizenboggs.  We’e had this barrel aging in Buckwheat Whiskey, Wheat Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, and Bourbon Barrels for the last 3 months and is just about ready for your consumption.

Kalashnikov: Our Russian Imperial Stout has been sitting in Bourbon Barrels, Buckwheat Whiskey Barrels, as well as Maple Syrup aged Bourbon Barrels and is also nearing its time to be kegged.


El Dorado NEIPA

Unofficial Can Logo announcement

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