Icarus at Lakewood Blueclaws

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Where We’ve Been: Everywhere

Its been a while since the last big update, and we’ve been busy, real busy.   We’re currently prepping for Brewday #20 and we’re already on tap at 50+ Bar/Restaurant/Growler Stations including at the Lakewood Blueclaws (Tebow abstains from Alcohol, maybe that explains his poor performance last week…).  In the last 4 months we’ve went from the new guys on the block to the grizzled old… new guys on the block.  We’ve served our beer at Atlantic City Beerfest, Beer on the Boards, Point Pleasant Boat Races, and Beach Haven Volunteer Fire Departments Festival.  We’ve also managed to raise money for lots of local charities including the Police Unity Tour, Extended Arms of New Jersey, and soon to be the Lakewood Educators Union as well as had our merchandise represented at Charity Gift Auctions all over the area as we continue our commitment to be a strong part of the community.

Drinking for a Cause

Raising money for the Police Unity Tour

Whats Currently Going On: Brewing

Right now we’re transitioning our taplist to a more Summer ready version (lots of IPAs, Blondes, Saisions, Wits, and fruit-friendly beers).  This week we’re brewing a new version of Melt (Mango Habanero Pale Ale) as a Pineapple Habanero Pale Ale as well as an Orange Belgian Wit.  Next week we are brewing a second batch of Sunwalker Smoked Pilsner to bring back a crowd favorite as well as a new French Saison and a new version of Panic Pale Ale

We also have our Ekuanot IPA waiting on dry-hopping as well as our Russian Imperial Stout (14% abv) waiting to move to Barrels, so many barrels, transitioning us into whats coming up.

Icarus Barrel Aging

Brew Crew after the haul from Catskill Distilling

Whats coming up: Cans and Barrels

Barrels, lots of Barrels.  We made two trips to Catskill Distilling company for the freshest barrels possible for our Russian Imperial Stout.  These barrels include: Bourbon Barrels, Rye Whiskey Barrels, Buckwheat Whiskey Barrels, Wheat Whiskey Barrels, and Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Barrels.  Yeah, Maple Syrup Barrels.  These barrels will be filled and aged for 3-9 Months (depending on barrel size).  While in barrels the beer will slowly absorb some of the flavors of both the oak as well as the whiskey/syrup that was in the barrel last.  The additional aging time allows for flavors to develop in the Stout with some of the bitterness mellowing out and the heavy malt flavors developing into rich fruit flavors over time.  Its crazy to think that this is prepping for our 1 year anniversary already while opening our doors feels like just yesterday.

Cans.  We’re currently in our final stages of interviewing mobile canning companies to see who we would like to bring to Lakewood for our Summer Can releases.  Our plan is to start releasing a can every other week all through the summer beginning with a Double Dry hopped version of Ella Ella IPA

Ella Ella IPA

Beer Soon

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