Progress becoming the Brewery

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Where we Were:

Progress Keeping us Busy

It has been a long road so far, with Icarus becoming more than a dream the day we started looking at Brewhouses back in June 2015, and then solidified when we signed our lease in November 2015.  The site where our Brewery is today was just a construction pit, just an idea, just dirt on the ground waiting to be built on.  But what we saw there was much more, a place where we could brew delicious beers, a place where  people could come in and enjoy these delicious beers, whether from local areas like Lakewood, Brick, Toms River, Howell, Point Pleasant, etc, or from afar.

Progress has to start somewhere

When the roof was first going up, still just the framework.

It was hard to tell looking at the construction site then but we knew right away this was the spot we wanted, completely open and completely free to design however we would like.  As much as I would like to say opening a Brewery is all about Brewing, it has proven to me mostly construction, permits, a lot of learning, more permits, and a little bit of brewing just to keep myself sane.

Where We’re At:

“Without Struggle There Can be No Progress” – Frederick Douglass

As of 10:57 AM on July 15 we are Federally Approved by the TTB to begin brewing, or more accurately we are now allowed to pay taxes to brew according to the Federal Government.  Unfortunately that approval still requires New Jersey to approve us as well, but it is still a major step toward being a fully licensed Brewery.

Permit Progress

Federal approval , one step closer to becoming a brewery

In order to finalize our State Permit we need to receive our Certificate of Occupancy from Lakewood, which we are spending every day rushing toward.

The construction has moved from:

Taproom progress

Taproom Framing is up, HVAC is going up

To this:

Taproom wall progress

Sheetrock is up, Room look a bit different with walls

With the Brewery also starting to come together, as we spend our days now working on the Refrigeration piping, getting the Fermenters ready to chill and piping ready for the Cold Room when it arrives.

Brewhouse Progress

Right before we started hanging refrigeration pipe, still plenty to do.

What’s Next:

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” – Kahlil Gibran

Construction and getting the Brewhouse ready are our two focuses right now.  On the construction end this week should see the ceiling tiles in the Tasting Room hung, the final coats of paint applied, and then whatever finishing touches before we start dressing the room up with lights, our bar, tables, chairs, and a lot more as we try to turn this “house into a home”.  As for the Brewhouse there are multiple projects progressing at once these days and many more upcoming.  Some of these projects include:

  1. Refrigeration Plumbing: While we’ve made progress, we need to finish hanging and insulating the Refrigeration pipe headers (2″ Schedule 80 PVC) as well as the drops (3/4″ Pex) to each Fermenter/Bright Tank/Cold Room
  2. Refrigeration Control: We decided to wire up our own control panel based on the Embedded Controls BCS-462 for maximum control and data logging as each Fermenter temperature will be able to be adjusted remotely as well as logs created of all of the temperature changes and fluctuations so successful batches can be repeated with ease.
  3. Brewhouse Ventilation: Since our Brewkettle is Gas Fired it will need to be vented using similar chimney piping to a residential wood burning stove/gas heater.  We will also need to ventilate the steam coming out of the kettle, but that will be at much lower temperatures, and easier to manage.
  4. Brewhouse Platform: Its a lot easier to stand on a platform than it is to constantly work off ladders, we will be welding together a platform big enough to view each Brewhouse tank.
  5. Cold Room: Once the cold room arrives (in approximately 3 weeks) we will begin to set it up, this is a “fun” process similar to building a big Ikea set, and by big I mean a 14′ tall Ikea set.
  6. Miscellaneous:  Still need to purchase and setup an air compressor to use in conjunction with our Keg Washer
  7. Brew: Its why we’re all here, isn’t it?  Once these projects start slowing down I am hoping to rapidly start brewing again, have to stay sane somehow.

Oh, and there might be a new logo to announce very soon.


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