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Icarus Glamour Shot

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Its been a mixed bag of hurry up and wait lately, with days where we have dozens of pages of documents to fill out and get back immediately or back to back meetings about our construction, followed by days where we can just stand around and dream about being able to brew.  Luckily the standing around looks like its finally coming to an end with all four phases of our final run toward opening finally coming over: Closing our Small Business Association loan, Construction, Building the Brewery, and Brewing Licenses.

Local Updates – Building the Brewery

With the exception of having our Lakewood Building Permit rejected we’re moving along splendidly with construction.  No need to panic on the rejection though, as far as we can tell that was mainly from technicalities and the differences between our Engineer/Architect completing their drawings based on how things would be in Toms River (where they are based out of), but of course we’re opening in Lakewood which has its own sets of rules which they’ve been nice enough to flex a bit to help us move toward opening.  As soon as these Building Permits are finally approved we should be ready to start construction of our Tasting Room, putting together our cold room, and getting all the utilities in place to run the Brewhouse.  It’ll be nice to finally have permanent structures built in our space.  Fortunately, things have changed quite a bit around the space since  our First Construction Update.

Forgeworks Brewhouse Unboxing

Brewhouse all laid out, going to be awfully difficult to brew in wood

Forgeworks Brewery glamour shot

Brewhouse Properly laid out, just needs plumbing, electric, gas, a stand, and then maybe thats it

State & Federal Updates: Legalize Beer

According to our Federal Limited Brewery License Specialist/Investigator we are close!  Should be a week at most out at this point as everything has been tentatively approved.  As huge as this is, it still does not mean THAT much until we can get our New Jersey license approvals.  We recently had every single Owner and Investor fingerprinted by the State for background checks as part of their pre-approval process.  Our next step is to provide even more financial documents backing us up then we’ve already provided (Check out our Permit Blog Post if you want to understand what 70 pages of applications gets you).  Hopefully these next forms we fill out and documentation we provides is a glimpse of the finish line because we’re getting awfully thirsty around here.

Beer: What makes us a Brewery

To keep myself sane: I brew.  To keep myself sane during the process of dealing with countless Bureaucrats: I Brew a LOT.   Legal Note: Pilot homebrews.  Oh, and as a legal note I love every bureaucrat equally, hugs and kisses.


Beer on Deck to be Brewed

Chipotle Porter

Smoked Pilsner

Grapefruit Witbeer

Currently in Fermentation

Sweet Potato Pale Ale

Currently on Tap

American-Irish Red Ale

Fresh Hopped Galena American Pale Ale

Galena Hopped American Pale Ale

Homegrown hops for Fresh Hopped Galena American Pale Ale








Amarillo/Cascade English IPA

Currently in Barrels

Imperial Coffee-Rye Porter


Now lets just get this Brewery legalized so I can share this beer with all of you.