Brewery Construction

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Keys Please

After 6 months of lease negotiations, cautious optimism with approvals from Lakewood, and actual construction of our warehouse, the Brewery Keys are almost ours.  What this means is that we have a door, a window, four walls, a roof, and maybe some electric and heat.  While this might not seem like much as we still can’t brew, we still haven’t even started our own construction, and we still have months more of work ahead of us, its pretty easy to see where we have come compared to where we started.

Construction Framing

Where We Started, once the first of the framing went up.

Where these Keys Will Take us

Now that the building is officially ours (as the rent checks will show), we can finally get started on our end of the work.  Our first step is to finalize our Architectural and Engineering drawings so that we can apply for our Lakewood Building Permits as well as look at bids for the Tasting Room construction.  As soon as we have these bids we should be able to finally close our SBA Loan, which will be nice as it gets really hard to pay for all these fancy Stainless Steel Kettles and Fermenters without this loan.  Now that the building is ours we can also submit our Federal Brewers Notice to the TTB (Tax & Trade Bureau), which as of December 2015 had a 150+ day processing time (hopefully we bring down the average, hoping for around 100-120 so we can open by June).  While the Federal Permits are “In Process” we will be working with both New Jersey for our State Permits as well as ironing everything out with Lakewood to make for a smooth opening with minimal headaches from being the first Brewery they have approved.


What these Keys Will Do for You

All of this means that we should hopefully be on the process to open by Early Summer, which is of course behind our desired schedule, but very expected.  In the meantime we have plenty of Pilot batches in the works:

  1. Imperial Coffee Rye Porter – Just about ready to be Put into Kegs &/Or Oak Barrels
  2. Smoked Pilsner
  3. Ginger Grapefruit Witbeer
  4. Irish Chocolate Red Ale
  5. Chipotle Porter
  6. American Amarillo IPA
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