What's Going On?

Brewery Building

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What we’ve done (Fermenting Money):

Last time we talked we were bogged down in paperwork, and guess what?  That never ends.  While we’ve made some headway with our banks toward our full SBA (Small Business Administration) approval, we still have plenty of work to go.  Also since we last talked we have confirmed our Brewhouse design as well as placing our Cold Side (2 x10BBL Fermenters 2 x20 BBL Fermenters 1 x20 BBL Bright Tank + Glycol Chiller + Keg Washer) on order.  Not sure I’ll ever be used to writing checks this large, but at least our manufacturers (Bennett Forgeworks for the Brewhouse, and Premier/Prochiller for the Cold Side) are the best at what they do, so I can feel comfortable knowing they’ll allow me to brew the best beer possible.  We haven’t figure out the perfect recipe for fermenting money just quite yet, but having quality manufacturers on our side certainly can’t hurt.




Premier Stainless Fermenters – On Order

Fermenting a Beer

Our Weizenbock Pilot Batch is also nearing completion, it has been fermenting away for the last two weeks and is just about ready to be cold crashed so we can get it in kegs for carbonation.  So far every sample we’ve taken off the fermenter has been distinctly clove with banana, which is exactly what we were aiming for.

Weizenbock Fermentation

Spunding Valve for Pressurized Fermentation

Fermenting a Building

Not too much on the construction end, but we do have a door and a window, which is convenient because it seems winter is finally hitting.

Brewery Window and Door

Soon to Come:

In the next few weeks we should be Kegging the Weizenbock and getting our next Pilot Brewed (Coffee Rye Imperial Porter).  As the construction wraps up on the building we’ll start applying for our own building permits to get our Tenant Fit-out going, so we can build up the Tasting Room and have everything prepared for the Brewhouse arrival (End of February).  In addition to all of this we are starting to work on our Federal TTB forms so we can apply for permits the second the property is turned over to us, can’t do anything without the tax-mans approval.