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Brewery Gate

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Construction: Where We’re At

It has been an interesting month of hurry up and wait, something we’re slowly getting used to.  At the start of December we were rolling forward with tons of construction going on in the Brewery, with floors being poured, trench drains installed, and the building in general beginning to look more like a building.  But then came the Holidays, and while we love the Christmas Trees and Yuletide and Presents, we also learned that maybe Ebeneezer Scrooge was just cranky about how little work gets done on a major project like ours during this time of year.

This slow time has allowed us to catch up a bit on the behind the scenes work we’ve been slacking on while rushing full speed on the physical end of construction and machinery ordering.  We’ve mostly solidified our brewhouse design, getting the most out of our custom built brewhouse, putting in the design work now to shorten the brewday and save our backs a little bit when we open.  Some other behind the scenes work going on now include finalizing our SBA loans (financing a Brewery, definitely not the fun part of making beer), getting our architectural specs in place for the township, and plenty of paperwork (so much paperwork).

Brewery Buildout

Late December

Obviously some work has been done, we have gates, the windows are framed, and there is a man standing in our window, though that might not be a permanent fixture.  

Construction: Where We’re Going

Our next steps include getting town approval for our own construction and build-out, receiving the SBA loan (spending the Federal Governments money instead of our own personal money would be awfully nice), and then starting to built out our tasting room.  We’ve spent plenty of time working on R&D (Research & Development), taking some ideas from breweries all over the country, and all over the world, so hopefully the tasting room comes out half as nice as we dream it to be.

Upcoming Pilot Brews:

Coffee-Rye Porter (Look forward to a Barrel Aged version)

Belgian Wit Beer (Ginger & Grapefruit mayhaps)

Irish Red Ale

Chipotle Porter


Weizenbock brewday, should be ready pretty soon