What's Going On?

Construction November

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Where We Were – Past Construction

When I was first sent out to look at yet another property our search had been one drawn out strike out after another, with town after town in Ocean County and Monmouth County from Toms River, Brick, Freehold, and Howell all deciding they just weren’t ready for us to open a Brewery.  But this was not true for Lakewood, which welcomed us with open arms.  The suggested location was nothing more than a framed out dirt pit when we first went to visit.  Just some piles of dirt, and a few beams holding what looked like a large aviary in place.  Didn’t take us very long to see all the promise in the aviary.

Prospective Building

Where We Are – Current Construction

As of today, our floors are in, the general underground plumbing is done, the ceiling is over our heads, and the brewhouse floor is pitched toward our drains which will make cleanup that much easier every brewday.  The concrete is being sealed as are the walls, making everything a little more resilient for the stress we’ll put on it with an active Brewery.  Eventually Demising walls will be put up separating these units (Our space is 4,000 sq/ft, there are 8 units totaling 32,000 sq/ft being constructed) as well as doors, and a gate, all of which can be helpful.  We went with a full 1/4″ per 1′ slope toward our drains, and used Polychampion drains, spending the extra money to hopefully never run into any drainage issues.  This stage of construction should be completed by the New Year, with just our personal construction to follow.

Floor Sealant

Where We Go From Here – Construction

Our next steps include taking the Architects designs for our Tasting Room, Bars, and Cold Room and applying for permits for “fit-out”, dressing up the building toward everything we dream of a Brewery including.  These tasting room visions include tall ceilings, plenty of glass to view the Brewhouse from anywhere, and enough space for every patron to be comfortable tasting our beer as well as having an ability to interact with our staff.  We have 1000 sq/ft of our 4000 sq/ft total dedicated to the tasting room, which will be heated and cooled, so we can have the room open 6 or 7 days a week 52 weeks a year, including on Brewdays so any interested patrons can actually watch us brew from the safety and comfort of the tasting room.  We will eventually have a second bar area in our warehouse for additional space which we are planning to have open when possible.

This stage of the build-out will also include getting everything prepared for the brewing process,plumbing water, plumbing gas for our direct fired Kettle, running electric for our Electric Hot Liquor Tank, and piping out our Glycol Lines for Fermentation.  Most of this construction will take place starting in January.

Tasting Room View November